Flowers from my backyard on        Watercolour Paper and Canvas
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About the artist

                                        Hongmei Low

I have been trying to create a timeless beauty on paper and canvas.             Hopefully, Hopeful, one day in the future, I may reach my goal..

When I was a little girl, I always liked to run and walk with my
bare feet, running around the pond and creek with a crown of
wild flowers on my head. I lay on the grass and smelled the
fresh air in the open field, with my family, when we visited the
Paris Farm in Aberdeen, Hong Kong every summer.  

I enjoyed drawing and painting landscapes,  flowers, the human figure
and animals. Most of the time, I would draw and paint at home.
Books were my teachers. When I was a little older I studied with
private teachers who influenced my art more.  Flowers became my
favorite subject, Watercolor is my favorite medium.

The dream stayed alive with me through all these years.
Later, my artwork was strongly influenced by, Michael Linstrom,
a Master Colorist and Jean Swan Gordon.

Each painting represents one musical note in life, together they
become a symphony. They brought me happiness.
I hope the viewer of my Artwork will come away with the same sense
of happiness and a feeling of the timeless beauty,
Art can live in your heart forever.



                                              Working in the yard

                                                                Recycling water

                                                                   From My Students

  These pictures are from my students, which are images of me.  
  I believe these sketches and watercolors reflect what is in their hearts.
  I framed them and hung them up on my sitting room, for all to see.

                                                        By Andrew

                                                                  By Rachelle and Subi
                             They forgot one thing about their teacher........ "eye glasses" 

                                                                                   By Rachelle

                                                                                 By Subi

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